Authentically Adrianna
About Me

   Welcome to my world. I am obsessed with all things beautiful whether it be fashion, beauty products, or people. I am currently a full time Dental Assisting student, and also work in child care (another passion of mine) I watch my boyfriends beautiful niece three days a week, I'm convinced shes the cutest thing alive. I have been blessed with having some of the strongest and most influential women in my life. My sister is the light of my life, and I can't imagine doing life without her. I've got two of the most supportive and loyal best friends anyone could imagine, and I am inspired everyday by the strength and kindness of my Grandmother and Aunt. I'm not sure who I would be today without all of these women and I am so thankful I wont ever have to know. I would like for this blog to be about beauty, all types of beauty! I'm open to posting all kinds of things from product reviews to even recipes. I live in a place where outdoor activities are pretty much the only thing to do so look forward to lots of scenery. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and see what I'm all about!
xoxo, Adrianna